What I do

Working in Website Development Company, Providing Personal Websites, Online Shops,
Web-based Application. With Responsive Design And Compatible With All
Different Devices Both Android And iOS,

Web Design

Software Design which is special to provide an attractive appearance.

Web Programming

PHP,CSS, HTML, MySQL, Javascript, AJAX, JQuery, for encoding Program.


Help you to improve your SEO, so that your brand will be # 1 on Google Site.


Helps you 24/7 day, for website or web application problems that you are facing.

My works

Here's Some Of The Projects That Have Been Undertaken, Starting From 2012 Until Now,
And Will Continue To Grow With Better Service.
amrin simanullang

Website Alumni

Show the directory of alumni SMA Negeri 1 Sirombu, Kabupaten Nias Selatan

amrin simanullang

Elihave Project

Fashion Point Of Sales Program for market, at Pajak Petisah Medan, Sumatera Utara

amrin simanullang

Evalue Program

Report student monthly capability at SMA Negeri 1 Sianjur Mula-mula, Kabupaten Samosir

amrin simanullang

Gudang Inventory

Problem Solving for Inventory, the location at Utragi Bulukumba Kalimantan Barat

amrin simanullang

Expert System

How to Diagnose the Retardation for Children problem, and to know the specific retardation,

amrin simanullang

Akademic Register

Sign up for High School, Evaluated and Report, Training and Manitenance.

amrin simanullang

Jungle Sumatra

Bukit Lawang North Sumatera, Elephant and Jungle trekking is a very thrilling and adventurous experience.

amrin simanullang

Polda Sumatera Utara

Poldasu is executing police duties in the province of North Sumatra.

amrin simanullang

Medan Sumatera Utara

MLM website with great consumer in Medan, North Sumatra.

amrin simanullang

Medan Sumatera Utara

A Foundation Organization Website In Indonesia.

amrin simanullang

Bukit Lawang Tour Trekking

Bukitlawang Tour and Trekking is a Guide Services in Leuser National Park, Langkat - North Sumatera.

amrin simanullang

Lido Iwanto Simbolon

Pursue the world of law and Become Advocate Since 2017 and began his career As a Lawyer Assosiates.

My Skills

Here Are Some Categories Of Job Skills That Can Describe My Work Every Day, Starting From
The Web Developer / Programmer, dBase Administrator, Network Administrator
And Technical Support.








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What my clients say

Here Are Some Of The Client / Customer Who Expressed Satisfaction Project Which
Has Been Completed, As Well As A Challenge For Me next time.

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Lilix Sucipto

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